The image of a disintegrating nation

Gunilla Neogard has told me that this woman do not want this picture to be published here. We will remove the picture if Gunilla Neogard can put us into contact with the woman on the picture and we get a request from the woman to remove the picture. Gunilla Neogard is not willing to help us get in contact with the woman in question so the picture remains until we have a request from the woman concerned and not from the uncooperative Gunilla Neogard.


The picture is of 19 year old Sophie who during a night out did not accept being grabbed by a savage. Sophie reacted by pushing the savage away from her to stop him grabbing her private parts. The response from the savage was to punch her in the face and to crush a bottle of beer on her head. This all resulting in a visit to the hospital for Sophie and several stiches in the head.

Even though this happened in a night club, packed with people, the police could not arrest a suspect on the spot, and the perpetrator is still at large.

What does this tell us about Sweden as a nation? We are apparently now a nation which is uninterested in protecting our women from attack. A nation that does not protect their women and children is a nation that eventually will cease to exist. It does not really matter if the women themselves choose to go with the invaders or not, if the men do not stop it, the nation will cease to exist, since the future children will belong to the invaders.

I believe most civilized men at some point of their lives have inappropriately touched women in a manner the women do not appreciate, especially if the man is under the influence of alcohol. But to beat a woman bloody after she have physically shown that you as a man has crossed a line of decency should be completely unheard of. Furthermore; that not a single soul in the club stood up for Sophie and turned her attacker into a bloody pulp shows that Sweden has become a country filled with savages and penis equipped sissies. A large percentage of Swedish men don´t know how to turn their masculinity into good protective force which ensures the survival of our nation.

How did we transform from the feared Vikings who toured Europe and fearlessly fought whoever came in our way, into a bunch of sorry excuses for men, who compete with each other in acknowledging our feminine side and to be the most feminist “man” of the nation? How were we brainwashed into detesting our own masculinity?

The answer to that question is that it is actually our women who have been brainwashed into believing masculinity is bad and that they are oppressed if traditional gender roles are maintained; roles where the man will sacrifice his life for his woman if necessary and the women accepts the lead of the man in both the family and the nation. This natural order of society and life is actively suppressed by the evil elite that controls Sweden at the moment. Swedish girls and boys are from the start of kindergarden trained in opposing so called stereotype gender roles. This intellectually castrates Swedish boys from a very young age. To tell a young boy that he is to grow up to be a real strong man so he can protect the most valuable asset of the nation; its women and children, would be a great sin in the Swedish confused atmosphere of norm-creative thinking.

Einstein once said “Only a fool repeats an experiment and expects a different outcome”. It seems Swedish leadership is dominated by fools.

Feminism and confused ideas on the need for “equality between the sexes” have brought Sweden to the verge of collapse. And the solution to our precarious situation according to the fools in our government is more feminism and more so called “equality between the sexes” with gender-studies on how we should redefine our image of manliness. They are right that we need to redefine manliness in Sweden, but they are going 180 degrees in the wrong direction straight down into an abyss of chaos. Hell would be a good word for it.

In Albert Pikes book “Morals and Dogma” one can read that the Freemasons are to focus on getting women to accept their ideas, since if the women buy into the ideas, the men will follow. This is exactly what has happened in Sweden.

Women of Sweden have intellectually accepted the idea that masculinity is something bad, and that anything that manifests true masculinity is an expression of oppression from the patriarchy. This has made Swedish men so confused that they do not know how to act on their urge to beat woman beater into pulp. The Swedish man is taught that the world would be so much better if everybody were thinking like a woman. Another effect of this female intellectual acceptance that natural masculinity is something bad, is that when Swedish women look for a mate, the invaders seem more attractive since the invaders don´t give a shit about gender studies or feminism. The woman who chooses one of the invaders for mate does also earn anti-racist points in the view of the confused politically correct Sweden. And being viewed positively by her surrounding is very important to the average woman.

The road back to restoring Sweden to a peaceful safe place again is for women to signal that they want the Swedish Viking to come to life again. They must show that they want real masculinity that values power, honor, decisiveness; men who will honor and die for their women if necessary. The Swedish woman needs to abandon the confused ideas of feminism and destruction of traditional gender roles, and understand that they as women are valued more than men in a traditional society. Feminism is an attack on feminine values at the same time as it is destroying the willingness of men to sacrifice themselves for the good of the nation. We must get back to a society where men and women have clearly defined roles and where the fight between the sexes introduced by feminism is abandoned. Man and woman are supposed to be one, not competing adversaries. An interesting question is WHO introduced the concept of struggle between the sexes and weather they knew it would lead to the destruction of the nation. My guess is that it was all planned.


Fabian Fjälling

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