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Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden) is a citizen journalism initiative where ordinary citizens call opinion makers, journalists, and politicians to ask them the questions the establishment media journalists avoid at all cost. The initiative was started by the pseudonym Johan Andersson in 2014. Shortly after the start the pseudonym Erik Johansson joined in the effort to change the media narrative in Sweden. After that we have had a couple of citizens joining, and a few quitting, but Nina Drakfors was the first to use her real identity in the GS effort. We also have the pseudonyms Arg Norrlänning (Angry Northerner), Feministinspektionen (The feminist inspection), and a few others with their own YouTube channels in this slowly growing citizen’s movement to hold the pc-crowd accountable for the damage they have caused Sweden.

GS usually call and record the interviewees without telling them  that they are being recorded. This is a technique the Swedish controlled media has used against members of the alternative media previously. GS then lead the discussion or interview in a direction that the interviewee has never experienced before. And the most common result is that the interviewee hangs up in the middle of the discussion. The core issue for GS is the question if the Swedish people exist as a people in the same manner as Jews, Sami, or intuits. The pc-crowd in Sweden always enthusiastically maintains that swedes do not exist as a people, but when they are confronted with a direct question, the absurdity of the Swedish peoples’ nonexistence becomes so clear that the members of the pc-crow usually rather hang up than answer “No, the swedes do not exist as a people”. The pc-crowd probably know that if they answer yes to that question there will be a large number of follow up questions on what effect uncontrolled immigration will do to the Swedish people, and who actually has the right to the land of Sweden

Granskning Sverige has been largely ignored by the controlled media for up until beginning of 2017. In February 2017 the controlled media realized that Granskning Sverige is not going to go away, and that a constantly increasing number of swedes were listening to the different interviews, exposing the emperors without clothes in Sweden.

Then a small local newspaper, Eskilstunakuriren, made a scoop of “exposing” Granskning Sverige, and a large portion of the media in Sweden jumped on the bandwagon with the media totally exploding with articles about Granskning Sverige. Even national TV news covered the story about “the troll factory spreading hate on the internet for payment”, and they all insinuated that “the troll factory was probably funded by Putin”. The Swedish prime minister made a statement on how serious this issue was, and that it should be counteracted by educating school children to be aware of what is fake news sources and what is serious news sources. The Swedish minister of democracy made the statement that:

“Journalisterna och journalistiken är frihetens väktare och om de fråntas möjligheterna att göra sina jobb på grund av hat eller hot eller på grund av att deras journalistik ifrågasätts då har väktarna – de som ska försvara vår demokrati – förlorat sin kraft,”

Which translates into:

“Journalists and journalism are the guardians of freedom and if they are deprived of their possibillities to do their job due to hate or threats or because their journalism is questioned, then the guardians – the ones who are to defend our democracy – lost their power.”

This eventually made Granskning Sverige become one of the main concerns for the EU organization East Stratcom Task Force, whose main objective is to counteract Russian propaganda in the EU.

A few weeks after the initial “exposure” of GS, Erik Johansson was outed by the national “News”paper Expressen, as Fabian Fjälling, and again the controlled media with Expressen in the forefront, went into a hysterical frenzy over that the identity of Erik Johansson was revealed. The viewership of our YouTube channels exploded, and donations started to pour in. Granskning Sverige is reluctant to admit that we owe Expressen for all the publicity and funds we have received after the “exposure” of Erik Johansson as Fabian Fjälling.

By the “exposure” of Fabian Fjälling it became utterly clear that Granskning Sverige was only a small group of totally unorganized and unfunded citizen amateurs who wanted to ask questions which to a large extent end up in: “do we exist as a people?” or “What does it mean to be Swedish?”, “Can anyone be Swedish?”, “Why is Swedish ethnic loyalty labeled racism, while other peoples’ ethnic loyalty is their state supported right?”.

Granskning Sverige, with no budget at all, has shaken the establishment media and powerbase to its foundation. In spite of the multi-billion dollar budgets of the establishment media corporations, they are in a panic and a freefall when it comes to trust amongst the Swedish people, largely thanks to the questions asked by the citizens in Granskning Sverige.

This is a very powerful way of changing the media narrative in a nation. If the controled media refuses to ask important questions, ask the questions yourself. Anyone can publish their interview on the web today, and there is no need for billions of dollars in funding to get the message out. Pick up your phone, or confront the establishment in person. Then publish it yourself on the web. After a while even the controlled media will have to lift your questions, since they realize they no longer have monopoly on pushing their agenda on the people. This is true democracy where no questions are forbidden and the citizens themselves decide which questions that shall be asked.

It is a democratic duty to ask questions if the controlled media won´t.


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